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CONCOA is a world leader on design and manufacture of gas control systems. Concoa products are ready to work on extreme conditions in analytical applications such as aerospace, scientific, pharmaceutical, electronic, medical, petrochemical and metallurgical.

A good regulator is measured not only in quality of materials and workmanship but also in its ability to effectively perform its task over an extended period of time. Concoa regulators continue to incorporate the latest technology and design features and must conform to an intensive quality assurance program. Simplicity of design and highest quality materials mean a minimum of maintenance and a maximum of reliability.

CONCOA Product Lines

Research and Specialty Gas/Scientific Products
CONCOA’s Research and Specialty Gas products are built for industries ranging from analytical, scientific, aerospace, environmental, pharmaceutical, electronic, medical and petrochemical applications. All of CONCOA specialty gas regulators are rigorously tested in a cleanroom environment as part of the assembly process.

Cutting & Welding Apparatus Products
CONCOA’s line of industrial gas apparatus has been the industry standard in quality and durability for nearly a century. Manufactured to withstand harsh environments and daily long-term use, CONCOA regulators, cutting attachments, torches and fabrication accessories are made to stand the test of time. Providing single and two piece oxy-fuel cutting products, CONCOA has set the bar in today’s manufacturing and fabrication community.

Gas Distribution Systems

CONCOA continues to develop new products and improve on existing technologies. Distribution systems are specifically engineered for industries where continuous gas flow is of the utmost importance. With innovations in products geared for life sciences, CONCOA systems can easily handle the critical demands of today’s biotechnical industries. By specializing in technologically intuitive systems with remote web-based connectivity, facility administrators can monitor systems in real time without ever setting foot in that particular facility. CONCOA distribution systems are available for a multitude of applications such as research, laser, medical, cryogenic and fabrication.

Medical Products
CONCOA medical products and gas switchover technologies are the standard in today’s healthcare and veterinary facilities. CONCOA medical products are high quality, cost-effective and durable. All components and assemblies are cleaned for oxygen service and follow strict industry guidelines.

Laser Welding and Cutting Apparatus
Carbon dioxide or gas lasers require unique equipment scarce in the gas apparatus manufacturing industry. Along with the traditional heavy-duty pressure and flow ratings associated with industrial gas use, laser gas equipment must ensure gas purity normally found in scientific research laboratories. Rather than trying to fit existing industrial or specialty gas equipment into the laser mold at the cost of purity or performance, CONCOA has created a complete line of gas delivery equipment specifically designed for industrial lasers.


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