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Oxygen concentrators can make a near normal life for many with chronic lung disease possible with an endless supply of convenient safe supply of high concentration oxygen.

Many people with advanced COPD, asthma, and other lung disease are dependant on supplemental oxygen at home in order to do their normal activities of daily living (ADL). These include getting dressed, bathing, cooking, cleaning house, and any of the other activities we rarely think about until we are unable to do them.

MEDIPRO´s range of oxygen concentrators include:

- AirSep FreeStyle: At less than 5 lb (2 kgs) Freestyle oxygen concentrator is the only machine tailored specifically for those patients who know no boundaries. This concentrator offers the same weight advantages of a contents-based systems, yet provides an unlimited supply of oxygen. Supplemental oxygen users can now participate in an all day outdoor music fest, a sporting event, a continuing education class, or even enjoy the added benefits of FreeStyle during extended travel.


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