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The contents of the website of MEDIPRO S.L., has the goal to offer information about the activities, products and services of MEDIPRO S.L., offer and provision of the same according to its terms and conditions and to facilitate client's operative.


MEDIPRO S.L. is the owner of the intellectual property rights, or is entitled to make use, of the images, texts, designs, animations or any other content or element in this website. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate or transform these elements.


MEDIPRO S.L. does not take responsibility derived from the incorrect use of the website contents and has the right to update, delete, limit or block the access to the same, temporarily or permanently, whenever it feels it is necessary.


MEDIPRO S.L. does not assume any responsibility for the information found in other websites which might be accessed through links or search engines found in the website of MEDIPRO S.L.. The presence of links in the website of MEDIPRO S.L. aims to give information and does not, in any case, suggest, invite or recommend the links.


The products and services offered by MEDIPRO S.L. in this website may be requested and/or contracted on-line by the clients using password access system provided by the company which allows, without possible error, the identification of the same. MEDIPRO S.L. guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data provided by the users and the automatic treatment of the same according to the personal data protection legislation, the Data Protection Clause and the Privacy Policy.

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