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Product Summary

The AKITA JET is the only inhalation system that belongs to the class of controlled dose inhalation drug delivery systems. With Activaero’s innovative and proprietary FAVORITE approach at its core, the AKITA JET inhalation system is unique and allows respiratory medications to unfold their full therapeutic potential.The FAVORITE approach is special because it enables a drug bolus inhalation combined at the same time with the active regulation of inspiration flow with a personalized inhalation volume setting.Consequently, optimal inhalation patterns can be achieved on a patient-by-patient basis according to therapeutic requirements and a patient’s individual condition. In contrast to customary off-the-shelf nebulizers, the AKITA JET inhalation system transports the prescribed respiratory drug to a patient’s lungs safely and effectively without the undesirable side effects caused by high throat deposition.

Therapeutic Features

The AKITA JET  inhalation system was designed and developed for patients with lung diseases and their regular, self-directed drug inhalation – therefore the main focus during development was put on three device characteristics - simplicity, efficiency and safety.



Typically, patients use their AKITA JET inhalation system for daily, multiple inhalation therapy cycles. This requires proper cleaning and disinfection. Therefore, the simple and convenient use for patients is a must.

Just 2 buttons & functions

- On/off

- Personal Volume Setting

Only 5 simple steps to start treatment

- Connect Nebulizer

- Fill in Medicine


- Press ON/OFF Button

- Select inhalation volume

Start inhalation!



The AKITA JET inhalation system eliminates almost all of the problems commonly associated with aerosol inhalation - sub-optimal breathing and drug deposition in the small airways during the inhalation phase and inefficient drug use through loss of aerosol during the exhalation phase.

The outstanding efficiency of the AKITA JET inhalation system provides distinguished, clinically and commercially validated benefits:

- Precise drug distribution across the entire lung and deep down into the small airways.

- Optimal efficacy at the site of action

- Highly reliable lung dose reproducibility

- Significantly less side effect

- Undisputed safety


Precise and reproducible dosing of a respiratory drug is crucial – especially for drugs with a narrow therapeutic window including but not limited to antibiotics. Here the AKITA JET inhalation system offers features to assure a safe and effective therapy:

- No wrong device setting possible

- Every inhalation volume setting delivers the same lung dose

- No overdosing possible - device automatically concludes therapy once required dose is inhaled

- Monitored compliance - therapy data logged on SMART CARD to enable compliance analysis and therapy optimization.


CARD is an electronic chip card that provides and controls all relevant therapy parameters for inhalation with the AKITA JET inhalation system. Each SMART CARD is drug- and dose-specifically programmed and will be prescribed by the doctor together with the respective medication. Through the SMART CARD concept, patients are able to adapt their treatment to their personal status while doctors are able to monitor the therapy.

Drug and dosage-specific inhalation

Based on durg- and dose- specific information provided by the SMART CARD the AKITA JET inhalation system automatically calculates the number of breaths necessary to inhale the required lung dose. The patient receives this information via the user display on the device together with constant feedback on the patient’s performance of his/her inhalation process. Every inhalation cycle is automatically finished when the complete, prescribed lung dose is Inhaled by the patient.

Under- and over-dosing is not possible.

Patient status-specific inhalation

The SMART CARD also permits patients to enjoy an individualized inhalation therapy based on their pulmonary status/lung function. Physicians or patients can easily and safely set the AKITA JET inhalation system according to their breathing capacity by selecting the patient’s preferred inspiration time or inhalation volume. A good starting point and reference is typically provided by an FEV1 lung function test. 

In the end however, it does not matter which settings the patient chooses, he or she will always receive the same dose. Only the inhalation process to achieve the particular dose is individualized so that the patient experiences the most comfortable inhalation cycle and has no problems with compliance.

Compliance-controlled inhalation

Therapeutic success is measurable with the AKITA JET inhalation system - the SMART CARD saves and safely stores a patient’s therapeutic data for PC-based compliance/therapy analysis. 

Compliance/therapy analysis is not only important in clinical studies, but also in daily therapeutic practice, since it empowers doctors and patients to jointly analyze and optimize treatment.

Compliance/therapy analysis via SMART CARD provides the following information:

- Number of breaths per treatment.

- Duration of treatment

- Timing of inhalation, e.g. mornings, evenings

- Inhaled drug dose, e.g. overall dose, seven-day dose

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