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To obtain an accurate automatic control of Heat Treat Furnace Atmosphere Gases the exact proportion of the most important gases that form part of the process is a must. That is the only way to be sure the atmosphere is the right one and that the control equipment measurement and regulation is done based upon real data.

Stationary or portable Gas Analysers are designed and manufactured by Eucon for the analysis of any heat treat atmosphere and comubustion gas: O2, CO, CO2, H2, CH4, NG3, Dew Point, etc. The customer can select the analyser capable of handing any combination of above mentioned gases.

- User friendly.
- 3.8" Touch screen or digital display.
- High stability and long duration gas sensors.
- Different measurement ranges as per applications
- Fast start up.
- Accuracy.
- Fast response time.
- Pump and filters for sampling.
- Rechargable battery (some models).
- Easy calibration.
- Real time data acquisition (some models).
- Process Factor adjustment calculator for your control systems.




- To check furnace atmosphere.

- Oxygen probe maintenance.

- Prevention of metallographic problems.

- Calibration of measurement in regulation equipment and control systems by Process Factor modification.

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