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The PHOENIXTM System profiles temperature in hostile thermal environments. The PHOENIXTM Systems are the most durable, accurate, and easiest to use in the world. No one combines highly accurate data loggers, rugged thermal barriers and analytical software better.

The PHOENIXTM System allows to discover what is happening inside the furnace. It is an exact, easy and efficient way to analyse your furnace profile, and has an option for radio telemetry to allow you to transmit data.

The PHOENIXTM System travels with the product through the furnace -through atmosphere locks, vacuum chambers and water quenches- generating precise and detailed information as it goes. This information is stored in to the memory datalogger. This minimise the probability of error, and avoids from data loses.

Once the process is finished, the information is downloaded from the datalogger to a PC where can be easily analysed thanks to PHOENIXTM´s powerful software.

Whatever your application we have got the solution.
PHOENIXTM system can be used to monitories the real temperatures of the following products inside the furnace:

- Glass container.
- Automotive windscreen manufacturers.
- Radiator/heat exchanger manufacturers.
- Aluminium/Steel heat treaters.
- Furnace manufacturers.

- Finishing and coating process.

- Solar cell manufacture.

- Others


- Steel mills
- Kilns makers.
- Bricks makers
- Sanitary industry.
- Refractory products.
- Special Ceramics.

Guaranteed profitability, the PHOENIXTM advantage.
PHOENIXTM system is developed to get different advantages and a quick return on investment. This system was developed to answer the need to accurately monitor your product temperature. In order to cover all this features, the system allows:

- Increase production.

- Assure thermal balance inside the furnace.

- Quality Assurance.

- Problem Solving.

- Optimise Performance.

- Save Energy.

- Report Generation.

- Traceability for ISO9000 and QC procedures.



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