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Gaslab´s Dry-Air Generator range uses regenerative PSA technology to remove water vapour from compressed air. Wet air is directed into one of the two desiccant chambers,where nearly all of the water vapour is removed. A small portion of the dry air outlet gas is redirected back through the off-line desiccant chamber, purging it of the accumulated moisture. The drying cycle alternates between the two chambers continuously.


• Ultra-dry air to -70ºC (-94ºF) ADP

• Flow of up to 103.63 m³/hour (1727.17 l/min) at pressures of 30-150    psi (2.07-10.35 Bar)

• Auto regeneration process

• Non-corroding purge silencer

• Compact and lightweight


Typical Applications

• Ozone generation feed gas

• Environmental chambers

• Analytical instruments and analysers

• Air bearings, pneumatic motors and actuators

• Spectrometer and optical purging

• Dilution air for emissions monitoring

• NMR, auto samplers and other laboratory applications



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