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EUCON offers a most comprehensive product portfolio covering heat treating and combustion applications for batch furnaces, continuous pusher furnaces, belt furnaces, endothermic gas generators, rotary kilns, retorts, and pit carburizers.

An Oxygen probe is a sensor that measures continuously the oxygen content and the temperature of the furnace by comparing the atmosphere gas in the furnace and the reference air supplied by the burnout panel. The relevant data is sent to the carbon potential controller to calculate the real carbon potential in the furnace. The Oxytracker oxygen probes by EUCON have been used extensively for the last 25 years to measure the carbon potential of heat treating atmospheres.


Batch Furnaces

A typical Batch Furnace will utilize one carbon probe (either the Magnum or the Carbonseer).


Pusher (continuous) Furnaces

Pusher furnaces commonly consist of several temperature control zones and also several carbon potential control zones. A typical installation will utilize EUCON temperature controllers for areas such as preheat and quench (where no carbon potential is controlled) and the  instruments where control of both temperature and carbon is required. Magnum or Carbonseer oxygen probes are used to measure the carbon potential in each carburizing zone of the furnace.


Belt Furnaces

Belt (or mesh-belt) furnaces are generally outfitted with carbon probes (either the Magnum or the Carbonseer), EUCON instruments, and temperature controllers and over temps.


Endothermic Gas Generators

Generators can be controlled either with a traditional carbon probe (like the Magnum or the Carbonseer). EUCON have several standard Generator Control packages available including small control panels.


Rotary Kilns/Retorts/Pit Carburizers

Depending on the process temperature, these units can be controlled using either a traditional carbon probe (like the Magnum or the Carbonseer),. Standard reference air panels can be provided in either case.





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